WyeSoft Active Connections

A program for viewing current network connections with the option to block certain hostnames.


WyeSoft Banstick

A set of programs that add hotkey-activated kick/ban
macros to Call of Duty and Half-Life / Source engine games.



A calculator program that can be used as an alternative to the Microsoft Windows Calculator, and can also
assist with programming as it supports VBScript and JavaScript functions, as well as basic calculator functions.


WyeSoft Desktop Console

A toolbar that functions as a combination of a command prompt, a "Run" window and an address bar.



A simple program for encrypting and decrypting private messages.


WyeSoft LockLock

A program that locks Caps Lock, Num Lock and/or Scroll Lock in a
particular state, while still allowing you to use the keys for other functions.


WyeSoft Lua Calc

A highly customisable scientific calculator, powered by the Lua scripting language.
An Android version and a browser version are also available.


WyeSoft MUD Assistant

A program that adds hotkey support for MUD games to any telnet or MUD client, most
importantly allowing you to move around MUDs with the numeric keypad's arrow keys.


WyeSoft My IP

A very simple, portable program that tells you your external IP address.
An Android version and a browser version are also available.


WyeSoft Password Generator

A simple, customisable utility for generating random passwords.


WyeSoft Pro Typist

A free, easy-to-use utility designed to teach the user how to touch-type and
help improve their typing speed with typing exercises and a simple game.



A utility that updates your computer's system clock through the Internet, like a radio-controlled alarm
clock updates its time through the radio, so that your computer's time and date will always be accurate.



A simple program for capturing screenshots and images of the current window, and saving them directly to file.


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